HRATS Fall 2018 News Letter

Hello Everyone,

I hope you had a good summer of riding and fun. Here is an update on what is going on lately with HRATS.

Fall Work Parties
All stage out of Family Man at 9:30 AM. Top of the to do list is: Eldorado, Mitchell Ridge, Family Man, Borderline……

• Oct. 13th. Family Man focused. Come if you want to KEEP Family Man Great!
• Oct. 27th. General Post Canyon Work Party
• Nov. 4th. General Post Canyon Work Party
• Nov. 17th. General Post Canyon Work Party

Trail Highlights

Along with “Mixed Tape“, the lower section of “Eldorado” got a lot of use this summer. Imagine how great it will be when Eldorado connects to upper Post Canyon above Binns Hill as in the link below.

HRATS is pushing hard to get Eldorado done by next summer. We hope to have two machines working on it as soon as it gets wet. Please thank Craig Spaeth when you see him. He is putting in countless volunteer hours. The rumor is still that he likes Kombucha…hint hint. If you would like to help out on other than official work party days, please contact us.

Borderline (133)
Tyler Malay and Alex Erickson took on the huge project of fixing Borderline (133) after last falls fire line destroyed it. They both held strong until the trail worked for everyone and was fun this summer. It will be amazing after some fall repairs. We also need to thank Hood River County and the local moto group for coming through as well.

For those that are not quite sure what trail is what, I recommend trying TrailForks ( . It is a free app and website that is updated by users and local administrators. Post Canyon is well documented on it. The names of the the trails above are links to the TrailForks site. Click them to check it out. If you are a Post Canyon expert, please recommend it to those you see lost.

Pump Track
The pump track at the Golden Eagle Park by the High School is open and being used by countless people. The turf will be install in a week or so to cover up the gravel. Expect a social media blast when it does, we will need a few helpers. Thanks to Hood River Parks and Rec. for trusting that HRATS will follow through on its word. Again, a huge thanks to Olivia Ullrich for pulling it off. Check the pump track out, it is amazing.

Donations and Hard Trail Work
HRATS has made an effort to get more Individuals involved this year. In the last year we have had 96 people donate $50 or more to HRATS. Some donated a lot more. Thanks to all of you that donated. Our push to get people to donate or work for a “Trail Love” sticker has helped a lot. If you use the local trails and have not donated or done at a bunch of work parties we would love to see you help out.

In addition to the donations, we need to thank the roughly 40 people that have stood out with their hard work for the local trails. Many of them donated as well. So thank you.

We are at just under 140 people who have invested in the local trails through HRATS in the last year. It would be good to see that number over 200 next year, so please help us spread the word.

You can donate online at:

A few people have chosen to do a small automatic monthly donation, which is great.

Take Care,

Tim Mixon
HRATS President

Hood River Area Trail Stewards

© Hood River Area Trail Stewards 2018

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