Race Face Next SL: Rupert likes to go fast

Race Face Introduces the Next SL Carbon Wheel-set.

Rupert enjoys spending time in the Race Face office, but he lives for mountain biking. As a rescue from Northern British Columbia, his life started out rough and he doesn’t hold back when it comes to voicing his opinions. Rupert believes all creeks are for swimming, all squirrels deserve to be chased, and all trails should be hit at speed, because going through the woods fast is what is ancestors did. Rupert dislikes hot weather, big scary German Shepherds, and excuses for not going mountain biking. But most of all, Rupert hates a slow ride, because noodling up the climbs or pushing to the trailhead means less laps before dark. Rupert always wants to do more laps.
Rupert loves when people ride Race Face Next SL wheels because then he knows it’s going to be a fast ride door-to-door with awesome descending and no stopping for wheel issues or flat tires. He doesn’t care how people classify the wheels – down-country XC, trail, marathon, xc-race – all Rupert cares about is that you have them on your bike and his goggles are left at home.

Next SL is available now!

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