Session Series // Episode 2 / 3: Summer Escape with the Free Radicals & Prime Fall Conditions in the Pacific Northwest

Summer treated the Free Radicals to desert like temperatures and tan lines on par with the most leathery of roadies. Navigating Whistler this time of year can be near impossible when everyday is someone else’s Friday. Luckily, after one too many brannigans, the boys were able to escape the madness and found themselves deeply immersed in the mountains.

Cinematography by Dave Kenworthy

Summer in Whistler always slips away too fast, but fall in the Sea to Sky is something every mountain biker looks forward to. As moisture returns to the ground, the skies clear of smoke and the crowds dissipate, locals are rewarded with the best conditions of the year. Yet when snow came in September, it seemed like the fall riding season was over before it ever really started. In a panic, Mark and Will turned the RV south toward America in the hopes of delaying winter just a few weeks longer.

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