Passion – A Freeride Mountain Bike Documentary

A documentary by Peter Jamison delving into the lifestyles of Freeride Mountain Bike athletes. For more information visit:

• Directed by Peter Jamison
• Principal Cinematography: Peter Jamison
• Additional Cinematography: Kent Johnson
• Edited by: Peter Jamison
• Sound design: Peter Jamison
• Colorist: Peter Jamison

• David Lieb
• Reed Boggs
• Ethan Nell
• Matt Macduff
• Nicholi Rogatkin

Additonal Athletes:
• Nic Hilton
• Nick Fix

Music (in order of appearance)
• Run All Night by Stanley Gurvich
• Kommetjie by Connor Spicer
• On the Way by Ian Post
• Audition by Nate Rose
• Kamikazi by Nate Rose
• Firefly by Oliver Michael
• Wansui by Oliver Michael
• Chez by Panth Lab
• Me and You by Oliver Michael
• Straight Ten by Oliver Michael
• Hyrule by Theevs Music
• Tribal War Victory by Kyle Preston
• Revelations by Tristan Barton
• Downstream by Muted

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