Month: April 2019

Scott Secco – 2019 Demo Reel

A collection of my favourite images from 2018. Shot on location in Canada, New Zealand, Norway, India, and the USA. Cinematography: Scott Secco Colour: David Tomiak (Silver Linings Post) Sound Design: Keith White Audio Riders: Mike Hopkins, Mark Matthews, Micayla… Read More ›


Over the years, we gained a lot of wisdom together, trying to best each other and take on the world. Through it all, bikes have fueled our adventures, sparked our imaginations, and continually reminded us of what’s most important: We’re… Read More ›

The DreamRide

DreamRide – A Trilogy A tip of the trucker hat to Mike Hopkins and the DreamRide crew. When we at Diamondback first started down the DreamRide vortex, we had no idea what we were getting into. We thought we’d asked… Read More ›