NW Cup Downhill MTB Series: Schedule of Events Rnd 2

Hey Everyone,

It’s about time to get this season rolling again. Hot on the heals of what should be an awesome opening round of the World Cup no less.

A few important things to remember:

✴️ Please remember to bring your awesome number plate that you got at Round 1. We will once again have those nifty ODI number Plate holders to help preserve your 2019 plate. Remember, there is a $5 replacement fee and thank you in advance for remembering!

✴️ Please remember your Discovery Pass so the DNR likes us…and you.
See Number 1.

✴️ If you are booking lodging with the Red Lion, be sure to mention that you are coming for the race and you will get a tasty deal. 360-452-9215 and mention NW Cup
Come ready to rip.

✴️ Also, here is the current schedule. There may be a few tweaks but this is a pretty good start. We’ve been slashing away at the trails for the last couple weeks and things are looking great. Looks like it’s going to be a dry race I believe, so plan accordingly.

✴️ Courses:

The course pre-ride videos will be out soon, but for now, you can use your imagination:

Category 3: Muffin Top/Bobcat/Brians Song/Cakewalk

Category 2: Wayne’s World/Short Shorts/Hecklers Row/Lower Pro

Category 1/Pro: White Knuckle/Upper Pro/Chunderdome

See you all soon!!!

All info from NWCup.com

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