Back and forth, forward and back. Mastery on the bike comes from constant repetition. Whether it’s your hundredth time down a trail or you’re about to drop into a new one for the first time, steady, well-rehearsed motions are what will get you through. So ride fast and send it deep, because the Slayer is built for those who charge.


Presented by: Rocky Mountain
Director/ Edit: Liam Mullany
Featuring: Thomas Vanderham, Rémi Gauvin, Carson Storch (Bend, OR)
Cinematography: Harrison Mendel, Liam Mullany
Produced by: Liam Mullany, Stephen Matthews

Assistant camera: Noah Dorsey, Max McCullough
Colourist: Sam Gilling
Post-production Sound: Keith White Audio
Still photography: Margus Riga

Thanks: Ron Penney, Landmark Trail Works, Carlos Zumino, Riley McIntosh, Mark Wallace, Matt Edleston, Dylan Cobern.

“Long Distance”, Written & Performed by Luke Atencio, Licenced through Musicbed.

“Crow”, Written by Matthew Barnes, performed by Forest Swords, Courtesy of !K7 Music GMBH. Published by Just Isn’t Music (justisntmusic.com).

“Communicate”, Written & Performed by Jeremy Wallace Maclean.

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