Kamloops, BC: sending it- LEGALLY! (2019 vs 1997!)

Join the KBRA (Kamloops Bike Riders Association) and support growing the sport in Kamloops here: https://ccnbikes.com/#!/events/5296-k…

I found mountain biking in the late 1990s, and one of the most influential videos of the era was Kranked. Much of this was filmed in the hills surrounding Kamloops, BC, and to this day, the region is still famous for many massive jumps. However, the actual riding experience of the general public wasn’t quite anything to write home about. The KBRA formed as a way to help organize the voice of the mountain biking community, with a goal of representing the actual riders in town. In conjunction with the amazing work of the KPCC, the riding opportunities for the average mountain bikers are now plentiful. To me, this is a great example of advocacy done right!

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