Common Ground // Ep. 2 Building a Community with Trans-Cascadia

Despite the differences between mountain bikers, hikers, equestrians and dirt bikers, everyone is in pursuit of the same thing: a way to access and enjoy the outdoors. Leading up to the 2019 race, Trans-Cascadia partnered with the Backcountry Horsemen of Washington to clear trail and restore a stream crossing with a massive fallen Douglas fir, proving the age-old adage “many hands make light work” rings true throughout user groups.

The primary goal of Trans-Cascadia is to share the incredibly unique trail systems of the Pacific Northwest Cascade mountain range with the world—as well as give back to the local community through trail work, project funding, and support of the local economy. To help with this cause, they’ve created Ten For Trails, where each $10 donation increases your chance of winning a Santa Cruz Megatower and all proceeds from the drawing will benefit the continued trail advocacy efforts of Trans-Cascadia.

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