“Make The Judges Want To Ride” | Carson Storch’s (Bend, OR) POV from Red Bull Rampage 2019

No athlete’s Rampage run is without its challenges. For Carson Storch, getting ahead of those challenges is the aim of the game. Memorizing the meticulous details of his 2019 Red Bull Rampage run is a key part of that process.

📍Run 1 at Red Bull Rampage 2019

Carson Storch is a standout rider in the Freeride MTB scene and an up-and-coming talent known for his style and spins on a bike. He secured 8th place with a score of 85.66 at this years Rampage.

Carson was born and raised in the mountain town of Bend, Oregon, a place that seems to breed athletes. He got his start riding a BMX bike, racing motocross and snowboarding in the winter. “I was just riding for fun,” says Carson, of his mountain bike beginnings at the age of 10. “Soon I started filming with my friends. And eventually, I stopped competing in other sports and decided to stick with mountain biking.”

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