Black Sage 2019 Short Film

This was the third year of Black Sage Fest, held at the Oregon Dirt Park & hosted by Carson Storch and Kyle Jameson. Thanks to all of our sponsors that made the event happen, as well as the riders who slayed it everyday. Dedicated to our brother Jordie Lunn


Jordie Lunn
Kyle Jameson
Carson Storch
Paul Genovese
Dusty Wygle
Cam McCaul
Tyler McCaul
Reed Boggs
Alex Kolohov
Christian Rigal
Matt Edleston
Tom Van Steenbergen
Bas Van Steenbergen
Ethan Nell
DJ Brandt
Nicholi Rogatkin
Jaxson Riddle
Beinvenido Aguado
Ryan Howard
Kirt Voreis
Dustin Gilding
Cam Zink
McClayne Empey
Ryan Mcnulty
Jacob Guthrie
Tyler Bereman
Antoine Bizet

Categories: Mountain Bike Racing, video

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