Castelli Cycling presents Mindful: Kaitie Keough – Episodes 1 & 2

☯️ Mindful: Kaitie Keough – Episode 1

The Mindful series picks up this year with Kaitie Keough of Cannondale Cyclocrossworld. Kaitie begins her season at Jinglecross World Cup in Iowa before embarking on a full season of racing in Europe.

Produced by Sam Smith.

☯️ Mindful: Kaitie Keough – Episode 2

At the tail end of a cyclocross season that didn’t turn out as expected, Kaitie takes us through her mental processes as they relate to her racing, but also as she takes a step back from racing.


Past Episodes

☯️ Mindful: Stephen Hyde – Episode 1

Join Stephen Hyde on his cerebral journey through the 2018/2019 cyclocross season in our new series, Mindful. Episode 1 catches the US cyclocross national champ wrapping up his mountain bike season at Julbo Eastern Grind in Vermont. But not before some time spent at home reflecting on the mental discoveries he’s made over the past couple years.

Produced by Sam Smith.

☯️ Mindful: Stephen Hyde – Episode 2

Leading into U.S. cyclocross national championships, Stephen ruminates on what keeps him in the game during a season marred by setbacks, to remain one of the top favorites.

Produced by Sam Smith.

☯️ Mindful: Stephen Hyde – Episode 3

Stephen comes into U.S. Cyclocross National Championships, and goes through the mantras that have been important to him recently.

Produced by Sam Smith.

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