Hood River Area Trail Stewards (HRATS): Closures Need To Be Respected

Hello Everyone,

Here is an update on trail access in the Hood River area.

• There are no trails in the Gorge that you can drive to and ride. No exceptions!
• Any Trail Riding requires riding there from your home. No exceptions!
• No parking at the bottom of Post Canyon Rd. No exceptions!
• No parking anywhere on Post Canyon Rd. No exceptions!
• No parking at 7 Streams Staging area. No exceptions!
• No Parking anywhere in the Post Canyon Trail network. No exceptions!
• No parking at Family Man or the road leading into Family Man. No exceptions!
• No riding in groups other than those you live with. No exceptions!
• All interactions on the trail must be deliberately quick and well-spaced. No exceptions!
• Any riding (Road or Trail) needs to be done well below your limit, but still with 100% focus. Hospitals may reject non-urgent care!

Not respecting these closers is disrespectful to the Mtb community and more importantly our general community. A sheriff’s deputy encountered many violators today. The limited access we currently have will likely disappear if this continues.

Please respect closures, No exceptions.


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