Hood River County Trail Update 4/15

HRATS Supporters,

The last update we sent out included the closure of all Hood River County Forest Land for recreational use. This closure remains in effect and includes closures for parking, riding, hiking, hunting and all other recreational use on Hood River County Forestry Land. Please be aware this also includes closure of all roads for recreational use that are maintained by the forestry department.

HRATS is working closely with the local community leaders, the Hood River County Commissioners, and local health officers to find a solution to re-open the trails. This will take time and we need your help.

We need you to obey all forest closures. This means:
Do not trespass on Hood River County Forest Land.
Do not drive to ride here.
Do not ride with those you do not live with.
• Recreate within your own community, from your own doorstep.
• Once we are able to open the lands for full public use we will welcome you with open arms, but until then please do not drive to Hood River County to recreate.

If we are not able to show the County Commissioners that we can obey current closures then they will not have any incentive to re-open the forest prior to Governor Brown giving the all-clear for the stay at home order.

In summary – We are working to develop alternate solutions but in order to do so, we need people to refrain from driving to recreate in Hood River County. Please only recreate in areas in which you can access from your front door.

Please feel free to spread this message far and wide.

We look forward to riding with all of you once this pandemic as been overcome.


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