Squamish Blurry Ride |Gabe Neron | Pacific North West is best for mountain biking

With everything going on around the world, summer this year has been undoubtedly different. Over the years the Dunbar/Corsa Cycles DH Team has been a staple sight at DH events all over Canada and further afield but with a reduced summer of racing we have found ourselves with a whole lot of time on our hands. Gabe Neron , a fresh face on the team for 2020 headed out into the woods.

Having recently moved to Squamish and getting himself acquainted with the local trails, it’s quite clear that going fast comes naturally for Gabe. The Sea to Sky boasts some of the most versatile terrain and lends itself to the perfect training ground for racers during the extended offseason. Although one of the most humble and quiet racers, the hard work Gabe has put in over the previous years has paid off. Taking the win at last year’s Sun Peaks BC Cup race and claiming Rookie of the Year, this is one man to watch!

A huge thanks to the 2020 Dunbar/Corsa Cycles DH Team sponsors:
Fox Head Clothing // @foxracingcanada
Race Face Performance Products // @raceface
Finishline // @finishlinelube
Dissent Labs // @dissentlabs

Location : Squamish, British Columbia | Canada.

Basel productions
Baza films

Video created for Corsa and Dunbar Cycles https://www.dunbarcycles.com/
Devinci bikes http://www.devinci.com/


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