HRATS Update: Hood River County Forest is Closed to Recreation

Hello Everyone,

The Hood River County Board of Commissioners have closed the County Forest due to continued fire danger and lack of available firefighting resources. The closure takes effect as of 1 pm Friday, September 11, 2020, and restricts all public use on the County Forest, County Forest Roads, and County Forest Trails. The closure is temporary and will be rescinded once conditions improve and the threat diminishes.

This means Post Canyon is closed to Mt Biking and all other forms of recreation. Please respect this closure. The Hood River County Board of Commissioners understands how important these forests are for recreation as well as the essential income the Tree Farm brings to the county.

Hopefully, this closure will be short-lived.

As of noon on Sept. 11th, the visibility in the Gorge is about 1/4 mile due to dense smoke. You should look at webcams before thinking of visiting the Gorge.

Take Care,


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