Augment Legend: The 2021 Norco Shore

The mountains of Vancouver’s North Shore have ignited imaginations for decades – an enchanted realm formed by nature and hand sculpted with trails of triumph and confronting challenge. There is a life force at play here – intertwined with every rock, root and trail relic. It draws you in and alters your perception of the impossible, leaving an undeniable, indelible mark. ITS WHERE RIDERS BECOME FREERIDERS It’s where boundaries are broken and limits hyperextend. Where gravity meets technique and technology amplifies instinct to exploit every scrap of untapped potential. Twenty years have passed since we drafted the blueprint for the original Shore. The mountains of North Vancouver remain steadfast, demanding evermore from riders and their equipment. They are the ultimate inspiration and proving ground for the sublime big-mountain ride that’s driven by the mystical place that started it all, and demands the most from those who ride there. EXPLORE THE SHORE:…

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