The Back Forty: Ep 2. Revelstoke

As the trip North continues, the girls board the Arrow Lake ferry, leaving the Kootenays behind them and make their way across to Revelstoke. This is where Casey grew up, and she was eager to show Micayla and Georgia around.

To kick it all off, they head to Revelstoke Mountain Resort for some fast and flowy bike park laps.

One of the best areas in Revelstoke to shuttle is Boulder Mountain. There is a lot of variety in terrain and skill level. Anyone can find a trail to test their skills on.

One of the most iconic rides in the region is Frisby Ridge. The girls pedaled up for sunset, which is a great time of day to really take in just how beautiful the scenery is. Just make sure to bring a headlamp for the ride down, as it gets dark quickly.

Revelstoke was a real treat. Such unique riding and different zones to choose from. The girls wanted to keep exploring but had to keep moving up north. Next stop: Williams Lake!

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