HRATS Spring 2021 Newsletter

Hello there, two-wheeled compadre, happy Spring!

Out here in the Columbia River Gorge, we’re still seeing frosty mornings, but earlier and earlier in the day it’s disappearing into the ever-greener corners of our trails, yards, and gardens. The telltale signs of a world waking up out of Winter are here: tiny buds on the cherry trees, oodles of miner’s lettuce and hairy bittercress (both nutritious and tasty treats), and of course, peanut buttery dirt in Post Canyon. We’re getting closer to rideable conditions, but we’re not quite there yet. Hold on to your helmets and rest assured that when it is time to rip, we have some very exciting new trail treats for you out there.

Here are your Spring updates from your friends at HRATS:

Trail Reminders:
Please remember to never ride sloppy, freeze-thaw, or closed trails.

Buck Creek/Nestor Peak Trail System: Help Us Raise Funds to Finish!
If you’ve ever spent time riding around Nestor Peak, you’re well aware of the magical filtered light that comes through the trees, the talkative little creeks, abundant wildlife, and trail that runs through it.

These last few months, HRATS—together with some extremely passionate and motivated locals—has put forth a concerted effort to unlock a 26-mile cross-country adventure loop that will feature some giant old-growth, spectacular views and of course the Nestor Peak descent. While much of this trail has existed for years, it’s been overgrown and underutilized…until now.

Washington Department of Natural Resources has approved the rehabilitation and reconstruction of the large loop that will allow for shorter loops, shuttle rides, and out-and-back opportunities. We’ve already constructed a one-mile section of trail that gets riders off the gravel road when they descend Nestor Peak. Many thanks to the volunteers who have helped out so far on brushing and hand finishing this section. There is still more work to be done so look for a trail work party soon! You can check out some pictures of the new trail by clicking here and here.

We are reconstructing this loop focusing on sections of the trail that have been lost to logging roads and timber sales – working counterclockwise. Because this is such a monumental effort, we are breaking it up into phases. Check out the larger loop map, phases, and projects for the first initial phase of the Buck Creek Loop here.

This is a huge opportunity that is too big to accomplish with just volunteers alone. We have enlisted a professional trail builder to help with completing this loop. But he can’t build sweet new purpose-built singletrack if we don’t raise the funds! We need your help – if you are able, please make a donation! Support the project and Phase One at our GoFundMe by following this link.

Fresh, Hot Threads: Get Your HRATS Socks & Gloves
Show your favorite local trail stewards some love by repping HRATS x Giro socks and gloves. The merino wool cycling socks are calf-high, perfect for cool spring riding, and holler, “Work” and “Play”; the words are printed into the tops of your feet. HRATS Socks and Gloves can be purchased at all bike shops in Hood River. Thanks to Giro for making this happen.
HRATS Giro Blue gloves
HRATS Giro Green Gloves
HRATS Giro Wool Socks

Likewise, hold your begloved hands out, and one pointer finger reads “Work,” the other reads “Play” while the next door middle fingers have a shovel and a tire tread respectively. Check out your favorite bike shop to deck yourself out.

HRATS Board Position Opening
HRATS is looking to fill an opening on the HRATS Board of Directors. This opening is focused on communication and social media. If you are interested in being involved with HRATS, please email

GP: A Fully Fresh New Facelift
If you thought you loved GP (Upper Grand Prix) before, then buckle up. After hundreds of volunteer hours, GP has completely transformed. Still, with the same fast, flowy thrills, GP now features progressive jump options and safe ride a rounds to accommodate riders of all abilities. There’s SO much more we could say about it. But you just gotta come check it out for yourself………When it opens in a few weeks. Please do not poach it when closed. A crew has put an incredible amount of work into it.

Splash & Giggle: Your Favorite NEW Trail
Post Canyon is getting a stellar new flow trail. Connecting the Mt. Adams viewpoint (just above the 140 traverse trail) to the bottom of Extended Play, Splash & Giggle is an extremely fun new way to lose a few hundred feet of elevation.

Etched into the hillside throughout last Fall and late Winter, this trail has a little of everything you love about Post: brake-melting speed, floaty tabletops, big, comfy berms, and woodsy views.

The Evolution of Whoopdee
Come late Spring, you’re going to find yourself exploring a whole new 12-mile looped section of Whoopdee. Lucky you. The new section is stacked with variety, the quintessential bangin’ Whoopdee views, and a whole bunch of wildflowers. Keep an eye out for the official “let’s ride” date.

Wy’East Middle School: Stoke for the Groms
An incredible crew of volunteers has nearly completed work on a cross-country loop that circles the school grounds and a kid-sized pump trail that puts pure face-melting fun back in gym class. Part of the HRATS mission is working to ensure access to a fun, safe, and progressive trail for all. And while Post Canyon can be quite the attention hog, this was a landmark project; one that will encourage the development of future generations of trail stewards and mountain bike community leaders.

That’s all we got for you this time! Thanks for being here, and for all that you do helping your humble trail stewards keep on doing what we love: digging and riding.

Until next time,



Our mailing address is:
Hood River Area Trail Stewards
1767 12th Street
Suite #209
Hood River, OR 97031

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