SR Suntour Werx Team Heads To Virgin UT

Another company doing the same trip to Virgin Utah” was 100% the premise of this trip. From starting the edit using the quintessential “SAIL” song to an overabundance of much slow motion, the MTB formula has been written and we were going to follow it.

However, when the cast got together in a rented out AIR BNB a different story began writing itself. Circus members and Rampage Elites were now at the same table eating freshly prepared meals with master mechanics and progressive characters and they were all getting along. In fact, they seemed to enjoy being around one another. The house looked closer to squatters on BLM land than the beautiful neighborhood we engulfed. Gigantic Full-sized vans encompassed every available inch of the property and bonfires and South Park movies were played as loudly as possible.

The trip turned into a punk rock array of fast riding and friendly banter. Everyone pushed one another and the level of tricks going down in the desert for that week was memorable. The crew traveled as one as the cameraman was berated constantly with horrible editing ideas and constant peer pressure to not use slow motion.

We know once the FPV drone crashed early on, that this was going to be a unique session. In the end, we were still able to use that horrible song, a fake voice-over, and too much slow motion. The fun had that week was captured in the edit is presented in a way that expresses the personality of the crew for the week. It was simply, fun!

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