Hood River Area Trail Stewards (HRATS) – Update

Hello Everyone,

We hope you are enjoying the fabulous trail conditions with this moist weather.

Volunteers Needed
HRATS is looking for volunteers for the Post Canyon Cascadia Dirt Cup Mt. Bike Race the weekend of June 26th and 27th.   It is not this weekend, but the next.  Adults race Saturday the 26th and youth races Sunday the 27th.

The race makes a donation of about $5000 to HRATS for getting volunteers to help run the race.   This is a significant portion of the money we raise, especially in this COVID year.   We have not been able to hold fundraisers or work parties in over a year, so this is your opportunity to help out.

Please volunteer.  The link to sign up is HERE.

Please spread the word!

Post Canyon Rd:
Post Canyon is very crowded and the trail closure below 7 streams on the north side of Post Canyon Rd has put more bikes on the road.

Please be very careful on the road whether you are riding or driving.   Cars and bikes need to slow down.   The Gorge has a booming kid Mt Bike scene and they use the gravel road to get to their pick-up spot.   Please use the road with caution.

Parking is also an issue at the bottom of Post Canyon Rd and 7 Streams Staging Area.   We ask that you park with care.   Please remember that people live at the bottom of Post Canyon.   Please drive and park respectfully.

Post Canyon Moto Trails:
Most of the trails in Post Canyon above Bad Motor Scooter (BMS) are Moto Trails.  Post Canyon Moto trails are paid for and maintained by the OHV Grant HRC gets from the State each year.   Other users, including bikes, are welcome to use them, though.

It is critical that Mt Bikers be respectful of Moto users, they paid for the trails.   Also, remember that they cannot hear you coming, but you can hear them.   So please move to the side of the trail when you hear them.

We are hearing reports of conflict between Mt Bikers and Moto users where the Mt Bikers think the trails are Mt Bike only.   

The best way to end this conflict is to educate users.   Yes, the trail signage on Post Canyon trails is horrific.   Currently, the best way to know if a trail allows Motos is to look at trailforks.com.   Click on a trail and the information tab that comes up tells you what is allowed on the trail.

Please spread the word!

Thank you,


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