Koots’ Roots: Sky Dunn-Sarvis in the Central Kootenays

The weeks in between Fall and Winter are a rider’s dream in the world’s only northern inland rainforest. This place is a destination because no one just passes through. This place is where you find nature intertwined with everyday life for its residents. This place is off the beaten highways of BC in a small mountain nook called the Kootenays, (AKA “The Koots”). The Koots does not disappoint with a myriad of radical downhill riding possibilities. The early mornings in late October are always below freezing. The rains turn to heavy snow which falls through the thick Red Cedar and Hemlock canopy onto the steep trails that make this place a biker’s paradise. Kootenay Lake from Kaslo to Nelson has trails that have been around since rigid mountain bikes, skinnies and tree top ladder bridges. Sky Dunn-Sarvis is a local to these rugged mountain peaks and trails. He knows that the slick snow Fall days are wicked fast and surfaced enough to have your tires dig into deep loam. Conditions are perfect for Kaslo’s steepest terrain on the infamous “Monster” and the flowy turns on Nelson’s infamous “Turnstyles”. No need to search any further for the world’s best trails as Sky shows us roots run deep and steep in the Koots. Enjoy the video, and we hope it gets you stoked to ride!”

  • Sky-Dunn Sarvis, Logan Williams, Kendall McLean

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