Flashback Friday: Jib

JIB from 2002 captures the brief period where urban freeriding was at its peak. Mountain biking without mountains, as director Thor Wixom put it. The trend didn’t last long, but it was spectacular while it did. Lots of broken parts and one of the best crash sequences ever. (Video posted with permission of Thor Wixom.)

Visual content from Thor Wixom .


The word JIB was originally coined by snowboarders to describe a certain style of riding. Rail grinding, sessioning half pipes, and boosting huge tricks off of jumps were all considered JIBBING. Through time, JIBBING came to be known as trick oriented riding in man made environments. And while trials riders, North Shore riders, and a handful of urban mountain bikers have been JIBBING for years, only recently has this discipline of riding gained enough momentum to finally be given its own name. JIB, the new video from Thor Wixom, is the first video of its kind…and the only video dedicated entirely to capturing the essence of the JIB movement.


Aaron EdwardsBrian MalkemesChris StewartDan CowanDanny SwanJesse WalzJulien MeunierMikey MartinsonShaun MillerTyler KlassenVittorio BrummottiVon Williams

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