Diamondback Bicycles presents: How We Roll

Welcome to where it all began… the land of wheelies, skids, and the “mob squad”, where the times are timeless and age doesn’t exist.

That’s right, you know the spot, we built it with blood, sweat, and gears. Ever since the first pedal stroke we’ve been coming back. To this place where friendships are forged with mud and mischief, and the good book of life is written in close calls and double dog dares. That’s right, in this game of getting rad and never growing up, it doesn’t matter if we’re ten or a hundred and two, our two wheeled time machines have a way of putting us exactly where we need to be; one step ahead of trouble, right between badass and biffing it.

It’s just how we roll.

How We Roll” is the second film in the “Some Things Never Change” series. If you like what you see, check out our first chapter “Window Shopper“. https://tribe503.com/2021/12/20/diamondback-bicycles-presents-window-shopper/

Presented by Diamondback Bikes https://www.diamondback.com/

Written/Produced/Directed by Mike Hokins

Cinematography: Scott Secco and Simon Hillis
Editing: Anders Petersen
Sound Design: Keith White Audio
Narrator: Graham Tracey

Rider 1: Cole and Grayson McCauley
Rider 2: Bryar Percey
Rider 3: Hyde Percy

Big Kids:
Rider 1: Mike Hopkins
Rider 2: Marnie Kavanagh
Rider 3: Josh Solman
Golfer: Simon Hillis

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