Norco Bicycles presents: Local Haunt

There’s something about just rolling out the door for a quick ride – Squeezing in a couple hot laps before sundown, getting a jolt of adrenaline to cap off a day, or just being able to make the most of whatever found-time crops up.

Norco Ambassador Sullivan “Sull” Reed’s local spot on the outskirts of Vancouver is just that. But with so much time spent lurking the loam, he started seeing trails that weren’t even there.

To exhume these hidden lines, he hoofed his way deep into the suburban woods, rolled up his sleeves and put in the time to build the riding spot his spirit needed.

Local Haunt celebrates the nearby ride we all wish we had thanks to the sweat equity that Sull put into making it happen.

Supported By: NOBL Wheels and Jubilee Cycle
Video: Max McCulloch
First AC: Liam Morgan
Sound Design: Keith White Audio
Special Thanks: Tobin & Cam McCallum, Devon Gaumont, Mark Preddy

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