Rain or Shine: Pat Laffey and Drew Mozell Shred Mt. Prevost on their Devinci Wilsons

As they prep for the 2022 DH race season, local Race Face and Devinci Development Racing riders Patrick Laffey and Drew Mozell dodge the rain, snow, and windstorms of Vancouver Island to tackle some rough off-season Prevost laps in their latest video, “Rain or Shine.”

Travelling through the deep greens of their local trails for some fast and slick riding paired with some quirky hijinks is really all these young racers are about. While racing is always primary in their minds, taking the time to just ride your bike for fun makes the hard work and sacrifices feel worthwhile.

“Living and training on the island has helped me a lot with the fast community of riders we have. On any given weekend in Prevost, there’s always fast riders. I believe that trying to keep up with someone who is faster than you will always push your limits and help you become a better rider.” – PL

Thank you to all the volunteers, individuals, and groups, past and present, that maintain and continue to elevate the trails on Mount Prevost. We owe you a beer.

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