Atmospheric River Rats | FULL FILM | A community made mountain bike movie

Inspired by British mountain bike movies like “A Slice of British Pie”, “Tea and Biscuits” and 50to01 vids, we set out to make a mountain bike movie in our town Bellingham, Washington. The key difference being that we wanted to avoid filming only “pro” riders and instead wanted to capture a diverse range of skill levels. The winter of 2021/22 was especially wet in Bellingham with the “atmospheric river” bringing in especially foul conditions. Most self respecting mountain bikers would have hung up their helmet for the season but many of our local river rats continued on with their trail building and riding. Despite mud, grit, snow, hail and torrential rain our local riders were still out there. Capturing these creatures in their natural habitat was our goal. We proudly present to “Atmospheric River Rats” a Bellingham community mountain bike movie.

This movie premiered April 16th, 2022 at Kulshan K2 brewery in Bellingham, WA and the event was in support of Vamos Outdoors Project. If you enjoyed this movie please consider donating at

“Vamos Outdoors Project works to eliminate barriers to access that make it harder for Latinx and English Language Learner families to participate in outdoor, recreational, and environmental education activities. We provide supervision, transportation, food, and all necessary equipment for the activities provided by our partner organizations. All programming is free, through scholarships provided by our partner organizations or by Vamos Outdoors Project covering the fees. Our participants discover new passions, make friends, and connect with the greater Whatcom County community and environment.”

In regards to the final segment of this movie. JZ was one of the first people to support Jank. He was the 3rd Instagram follower. It’s hard to believe he is gone. His trail and this movie are in his memory. We want to share the Jackson Zechnich “JZ” Memorial Scholarship.…

Directed and Produced by Eric Olsen
Edited and Filmed by Logan Patrick-Nelson
Additional Filming by Dan Perl, Doug Jambor and Evan Bradley
Motion Graphic by Annika Danenhaur
Poster Design by Zophia Danielson

0:00 – 1:35 Opening
1:35 – 4:23 I5 Jumps
4:23 – 5:21 (Interlude) Cliff jumping and GGR shuttles
5:21 – 9:59 The boys shredding Sudden Valley
9:59 – 13:33 Ladies shredding Lookout
13:33 – 14:18 (Interlude) Some ruts, Dario trumpeting
14:18 – 17:25 Josiah’s Backyard
17:25 – 18:17 (Interlude)
18:17 – 20:49 Snowy day at Alger
20:49 – 21:31 Dan ripping the Corolla in the snow
21:31 – 23:28 Chill Buddy by Evan Bradley
23:28 – 25:04 (Interlude) Bike night egg hunt
25:04 – 28:18 Clunker snow shredding
28:18 – 31:03 1st Annual Lower Chuckanut Long Jump Competition
31:03 – 32:06 (Interlude) Civic dirt jumps digging
32:06 – 33:27 THE ZEBRA
33:27 – 37:47 It’s all risk and just so little reward
37:47 – 42:19 Biking groomers
42:19 – 44:34 (Interlude) A foul day on w/ Gabe, Alden, & Teo
44:34 – 49:41 JZ’s Trail

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