The Athlete Edits: Carson Storch x Esperanto

For Carson Storch, riding bikes has been a way to learn about the world. Throughout his career, two wheels have taken him to some of the farthest reaches of the world, from the furthest northern reaches of Greenland to the high peaks of Ecuador. For Esperanto, Carson joined an international crew of athletes to explore some of the planet’s most beautiful singletrack on the slopes of Andean volcanoes and in the jungles of Ecuador’s Changuil region. The Bend, Oregon-based Ride Concepts athlete teamed up with Nico Vink and Johny Salido to visit their new friend Rene Arevalo Coloma, an Ecuadorian mountain bike guide and trailbuilder who has played a large role in developing the country’s riding infrastructure. For Carson, the trip represented yet another avenue for exploring culture, language, food, and the shared experience that brings us all together on bikes.

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