Harvest Cyclocross Series

September 4th – October 1st, 2022

In just under three weeks we kick off the OBRA cyclocross season! The Harvest Cyclocross series is currently a collaboration amongst seven different race promoters throughout Oregon. This year’s edition will be a five race series as follows:

9/4 Het Meer Cyclocross (Promoter: Scott Scholz)

9/11 Corn Cross (Promoter: Carol Cohen)

9/17 Can Chaser Cross (Promoter: Molly Cogswell-Kelley)

9/24 Washougal Cyclocross (Promoter: Scott Scholz)

10/1 Heiser Farms Cyclocross (Promoter: Eric Vickers)

Registration is open and you can find series details, race day schedule, and ruleshere.

Things to note: Het Meer Cyclocross and Corn Cross fall on Sunday’s while Can Chaser Cross, Washougal Cyclocross, and Heiser Farms Cyclocross fall on Saturday’s.

Call-ups will be at the discretion of each promoter but if carried out they will be based on your 2021 Harvest Cyclocross series overall standings.

Molly Cogswell-Kelley is bringing back the MBSEF Thrilla Serieswith 4 races this season. Thursday nights in Bend from 9/1 to 9/29 (but skipping 9/15to focus fully on Can Chaser Cross).

Clint Culpepper is bringing back the Portland Trophy Cup with 6 races this season. Tuesday nights in Portland from 9/6 to 10/11. 

If you’re unable to make it up to Portland during the week but can make it to Twighlight Cyclocross, please go support Clara Terrell. Tuesday nights 9/6 to 9/27.

And if you’re planning on traveling over to Bend for Can Chaser on 9/17, make it a 2 day trip and support Billy Thomas by racing JuebelCross on 9/18.

Lastly, support Peter Madsen by checking out the High Desert Hustle CX if you can make it to Madras on 9/25.

There’s been a lot of really cool cyclocross clinics taking place or about to kick off. For everyone affiliated with those, sincerely thank you! Racing can be intimidating and these are perfect ways to ease the transition from practicing skills and drills to taking to the start line and anxiously awaiting your first whistle blow. “Riders ready!”

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