Hood River Area Trail Stewards Update: Letter from HRATS President

Hello Trail Users,
Fall riding season is around the corner and HRATS is getting ready for the many things coming our way.   I thought I would give everyone an early heads up on HRATS’ coming plans and needs.   
Family Man Closure This Week:
The plan to redo Family Man is finally happening.   Starting this Wednesday (9-7-22) Trees will be cut to build the bypass road around the staging area, making it a lot safer.   We have put a rough estimate of where the road will go on Trailforks.com.   A link to it is here.   The timber company hopes to finish falling trees in three days so everything should open by the weekend.   It is not guaranteed though.

During this tree cutting closure:

  • Family Man Staging area is closed
  • The gravel road to Family Man is closed
  • 7 Streams staging area will be overloaded.   Please limit your need to park there.
  • Anything within 300 feet of the tree cutting is closed

If you want to ride (8 Track, Eldorado, GP, BMS, etc) during this closure you will need to mix things up and climb Toilet Bowl or Mobius.  Or you could just drive to Binns Hill Staging Area.   If this sounds confusing, it is a good time to realize that Trailforks.com does a great job mapping Post Canyon.   We added a polygon area showing this closure.   It will likely show up on your PC for these links and not on the phone app until you refresh the map data. 
When was the last time you rode the full Charlies Loop?   It is riding well and is actually in the shade.

Family Man This Fall:
HRATS will be forming volunteer teams to build out the new Family Man after they about take 30% of the trees (Marked in blue).   This rebuild is a huge undertaking and HRATS is counting on our great community to help get this done.   If you are interested in this amazing project, please contact us at info@hrats.org.   

Join us, we expect this rebuild to set the new tone for the future.

Family Man This Winter and Next Spring:
We expect to jump on Family Man cleanup and new trail build as soon as the thinning is done.   Thinning date is not set but could start as early as late Nov.  

HRATS Board Openings:
HRATS has two Board of Directors openings.   Jim Wood has stepped down as VP and Jenni Bergemann will likely step down as Secretary this winter or next summer.   I would like to personally thank both of them for the vast amount of help they have given me, HRATS, and the trails.   Please contact us at  info@hrats.org if you are interested in joining us.   Our next meeting is next Monday, Sept. 12 at 6:00.   Location is not set yet, but will be posted at hrats.org.   Please join us.   All meetings are open to the public.

HRC Tree Farm Recreation Manager
HRC has hired TJ Moloney as Tree Farm Recreation Manager.   This is great news for all of us.   My interactions with him have been great and I expect great things will happen on HRC Trails (Post Canyon).   No details yet, but more is in the works than the Family Man Redo.

See you on the trails,

Tim Mixon
HRATS President

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Hood River Area Trail Stewards

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Hood River, OR 97031

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