SR Suntour Rux World Tour 10th Anniversary Visits Highland Bike Park in Northfield New Hampshire USA

In 2022 we’re celebrating the 10th year of our World Cup and Red Bull Rampage winning Rux suspension fork. Our recent North American stop of the Rux 10th Anniversary World Tour in mid-summer took some of our SR Suntour Werx team to the Highland Bike Park in Northfield, NH for an amazing weekend of fun times and great east coast riding.

The SR Suntour Rux fork was first released in 2012 as a 26” fork for all sorts of big mountain riding. Soon there was a 27.5” version and in 2022 a 29” Rux was released. In 10 short years the Rux has been under some of the world’s best athletes competing at and winning top events all over the globe. While we’ve continued making improvements like introducing PCS Cartridges and our new EQ system, we’ve always assured that the Rux was the easiest fork to own and maintain all while being durable, stiff and precise.

Look for other Rux 10th Anniversary World Tour events throughout the world.

Thanks to Highland Bike Park for hosting us and letting us film.

SR Suntour Werx Riders: Alex Volokhov, Brooke Trine, Carson Storch, Jordy Scott, Kurtis Downs
Photos: Hoshi Yoshida
Video: Hoshi Yoshida, Jon Wells

@Highland Mountain Bike Park

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