FLIPPING OFF THE JUDGES! Proving Grounds Tour 2022

In this video I head to Prineville, Oregon for the 3rd ever Proving Grounds, I competed in it last year and walked away with 3rd place, This is the second time I’ve competed at this level of competition. The course gets better every year with huge wood features and massive dirt jumps. Bigger than anything I ride normally and so much fun! I showed up early this time because I planned on camping for the whole week of being there with all the course builder homies. It was such a fun time I barely filmed anything because its very hard to focus and film everything by yourself. Click play and sit back and enjoy this video! Also get ready for lots of Redbull Rampage videos to come next month. Check out the full Proving Grounds playback on ESPN or click the link here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4cfXK…

Thanks for watching!

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