HRATS Sat. Nov. 19th Work Party on Mitchell Ridge

Hello Everyone,

Before we dive into details about Saturday’s Mitchell Ridge work Party details, we need to remind everyone that Family Man is still closed. Riding Post Canyon requires you to bypass Family Man: No Exceptions. Also, please do not ride in Freeze-Thaw or sloppy conditions, it ruins the trails.

Mitchell Ridge work party, Saturday 11/19
It is time to give our beloved Mitchell Ridge trail some love. The work party starts at 10:00 at the 7 Streams Staging area. Parking is extremely limited at 7 Streams, so we are shuttling people from the bottom of Post Canyon in the School of Send Bus. Please either come with a completely full vehicle or ride the shuttle from the bottom of Post Canyon Rd. Shuttles start at 9:30

It is critical that we do not block the road with parked cars at 7 Streams. So, please fill your car with people or use our shuttle. Post-Flats Staging Area is an option for parking, but it will be a long walk to sign in for the work party.

Layer up, cuz it’s gonna be cold, and bring gloves, loppers, water bottles, a 5-gallon bucket (if you have them), and a good attitude, there may be some post-work fun.

See you Saturday,


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