Women in the Mountain Bike Industry Choose the Trail Less Traveled // Line Choice

Every rider sees the trail differently. Some riders look for the gaps, some for brake points, and others for corners to slap. The most creative riders find lines that others don’t even consider. Choosing your line on the trail parallels life in many ways.

Follow along as Danica Fife, Alicia Leggett, Hannah Bergemann, Linnea Rooke, and Keely Shannon tell their stories of finding their place in the bike industry. From the struggle of leaving the safer career option, mental health challenges, sexism, and being brushed off in the workplace, each woman’s path can inspire those who want to pursue their passion. Each story demonstrates how the individual navigated their way in the bike industry to create less traditional roles.

On September 30, 2022, Alicia crashed while riding. Suffering from a traumatic brain injury, she is currently recovering at a brain rehab center in Colorado. To support Alicia on her road to recovery, visit her GoFundMe page via the link below.


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