NW Cup Downhill MTB Series Course Preview – Round 1

Cat. I

It’s looking like another blockbuster year for downhill racing in the PNW. Demand is high for spots at the first race, and most likely will be the case for all the races this year. There are a few spots reserved that will come available on Wednesday, March 29 @ 6pm PST. These will be first come first serve so be ready! You can find the link https://www.nwcup.com We are super excited for this season to get going and looking forward to seeing all of you. As you’ll see in the One Lap vid, we have an entirely new Pro/Category 1 track for Round 1 which is just starting to break in after the Spring Shuttle Sessions last weekend. A huge thank you to Specialized for all the direct support to make this track happen. We can’t wait to see how it races. Without further ado, let’s let Matt Orlando and Luke Strobel show us how to ride a bike.

Cat. III

The timer guys take you down the Category 3 track for the opening round of the 2023 NW Cup season. The track is Mini-Muffins to Bobcat to Cakewalk.

Cat. II

Here’s a slow motion glimpse at the Category 2 track for Round 1 of the 2023 NW Cup.

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