Evil Bikes Presents: Questionable Choices

We all know “that rider.” The one who shows up to your Whistler weekend on a hardtail, and still clears Crabapple. The one who races XC on their enduro rig, and manages to put the hurt on their spandex-shrink-wrapped opponents. They don’t just ride against the norm, they blaze past it and wait for the pack to catch up.

Our numbers guy, Ian Fay, falls under this umbrella. Understanding the motives behind Ian’s bike choice is often a fool’s errand. In most cases, “Why?” becomes irrelevant and gives way to, “How?!”

To that end, the 66.67-degree head tube, dropper post and low-slung frame of our Chamois Hagar provides some explanation.

We may never truly get what is going on in Ian’s head, or why he can’t just ride the ‘correct’ bike for once. Still, there’s no denying the joy in making a questionable choice, and seeing it pay off.

Bikes: The Chamois Hagar and The Offering LS
Location: Galbraith Mountain, Bellingham, WA
Riders: Ian Fay & Jett Williams
Video: Doug Jambor
Edit: Tamas Forde
Song: “Twin Flame” by Club Coward


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