Oregon / Pacific NW
Mountain Biking, BMX, Cyclocross, & Cycling Culture.

Tribe: society or division of a society whose members have ancestry, customs, and beliefs, in common. ie the bike.

Tribe503 was started by Rodman in 2005. He competes in BMX & Downhill Mountain Biking. Occasionally throwing in a Enduro, Cross Country, or Cyclocross race. He has been competing since 1993. He realized that there where multiple outlets that covered BMX or MTB in Oregon at the time. But none that covered both. Many BMXers and MTB racers have competed in both sports. So he decided to start Tribe503. Tribe503 is mostly Oregon racing information. It also includes info on World Cup Races, Charity Events, & other forms of bicycle racing. Since these are the “Culture” in the website description. They also fill space in the off season. Haha. 😉

At Tribe503 we are trying to create an atmosphere in cycling that revolves around a sense of family within our cycling communities. Whether it is racing or just riding. We all have the bond of that two wheeled machine. Join me and long live the Tribe.

“Every time I see an adult on a bicycle, I no longer despair for the future of the human race.” – H.G. Wells



WARNING: Much of the action de­pict­­ed on this website is potentially dangerous. Virtually all of the riders seen in our photos are experienced experts or professionals. Do not attempt to duplicate any stunts that are be­­yond your own capabilities. Always wear the appropriate safety gear.

Contact Tribe503 @ DSGOregon@Gmail.com

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  1. this is a sick blog i will definitely be on here a lot

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