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  1. Hi Tribe503, I would like to contact a spokesman for Columbia Area Mountain Bike Advocates. I am covering a story for Envirogorge, an online environmental news source in the gorge. We would like to include any and all updates concerning the Syncine/Coyote Wall trail system. We understand there has been a great deal of effort towards bringing together differing groups and needs for the benefit of all. We would like to showcase where this progression started, why it was important, and current status. This is a pro mtn biking article and we would appreciate any input you can share with us. Thank you, Susanne Wright/Envirogorge

  2. Performance bicycles is going out of business last day March 2. Park sold one of his stores in NW Portland. New bike company Bend is Don Thuren 29er short chainstay 413 29er. He makes a stem 30mm 89 grams. Will be making a carbon all mountain bike slack. David

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