2019 HRATS Spring Newsletter

Hello Everyone,

Riding season is here and the trails need a some work.

HRATS will host the following work parties this Spring:
Saturday April 13th, meet at Whoopdee parking lot. 930am.
Sunday April 28th, meet at Family Man 930am.
Saturday May 11th, meet at Family Man 930am.
Saturday May 26th, meet at Family Man 930am.
Saturday June 22nd, meet at Family Man 930am. This will be to cut overgrown brush back

We would love to see you at a few of these!!!

Local groups like “Copper Spur Alpine Team” (CSAT) and “School of Send” are required to do trail work to get a permits to use the County trails. Your hard work can go to these groups if you would like. If you want your hours to go to groups like this, please mention and note this when you sign in.

Eldorado is done, but not open yet due to snow and mud in upper Post Canyon. We will get it open as soon as the top dries out.

Enjoy Eldorado, our new non-moto gateway to Upper Post Canyon. Please be aware that most of the trails in Upper Post Canyon are moto trails. You will encounter motor cycles on these trails. They cannot hear you coming, but you can easily hear them. Non-moto users need to pull to the side as you hear them come. This is not difficult to do and will encourage friendly interactions.

We intend to do an Eldorado Grand Opening after the May 11th work party, but you can ride it before then when conditions dry out enough.

Post Canyon:
Post Canyon is melting out fast. Reports are that lower post is ready to be ridden (if dry).

A few things to note:
• Please respect those that built the trails by not riding on them when wet or sloppy. If you leave more than a tire track, it is to sloppy to ride. Syncline is always dry enough to ride.
• We are making a real effort to keep the trails updated on TrailForks and encourage you to use the app as well as the website. Please encourage lost visitors to do the same.
• Upper 8 Track will likely be logged in 2019. We are already starting to work with the county to try to ensure we can create alternative trails, but nothing is firm to date. The County hopes to have the Timber Sale done this summer, but it is unclear when the trails will be affected and trees cut.

HRATS had a great 2018 with work accomplished and donations. Thank you!

We are continuing our Supporter Sticker program this year. Everyone who works 5 or more work parties or donates more than $50 is a “Supporter” and gets to show off their sticker. The idea is to encourage your friends to support the local trails too. Our goal is to get 250 supporters this year. Stickers can be picked up at any Hood River Bike shop. They will have your name on a list.

Please donate online at:

We are currently at 170 supporters. Let’s get this list to 250 people!


Tim Mixon
HRATS President

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