Earth Day Thanks, HRATS Annual Report, Trail Etiquette

Earth Day Success

Our Earth Day weekend was a great success with multitudes showing up to shake booty with Vitamin D at the Bingen Theater last Friday. This event raised about $3,060 in ticket sales and our raffle to help fund HRATS’ goals. And our fabulous volunteers also worked their booties off at our Post Canyon Clean-up on Saturday. We hauled away several pickup loads full of trash and debris and had a pretty dang good time doing it. (Captured here on video by the talented Finn Peterson.) Thanks to everyone who came out this weekend, which we hope to make an annual event. 

HRATS 2021 Annual Report

The numbers have been crunched, the beans have been counted, and charts have been pied. We are pleased to offer the HRATS Annual Report for your reading pleasure. We’re stoked about all the work we did in 2021, including contributing to trail building at Post Canyon, Nestor, Whoopdee, and  W’yeast Middle School. We also held successful work parties during the pandemic, and welcomed new board members. Michelle Morales joined the board as our Community Outreach and Diversity Coordinator and Eileen Garvin and Jason Askins are heading up social media and this email newsletter. So if you’re wondering what HRATS got up to last year, we hope you’ll read and enjoy the annual report.

Trail Etiquette Refresher
Maybe it’s been a while since you thought about trail etiquette. Plus, it’s been a weird couple of years and it’s all the more important to spread civility! Here are some thoughts to ponder while you’re waiting for the sun to come out. (Full disclosure, we cribbed this from the Boulder Mountain Bike Alliance.)
Smile. Greet. Nod. Every user on the trail is a fellow nature lover. Be friendly and expect to see other folks around every corner.
Don’t block the trail. When taking a break, move to the side of the trail. Yield right of way to uphill riders.
Stay on the trail. Don’t go off trail (even to pass), create new trails, or cut switchbacks. Narrow trails mean less environmental impact and happier critters.
Don’t use wet trails. If you are leaving prints (hoof, tire, or boot), the trail is too wet to use. When approaching muddy spots, go through the center of the mud to keep the trail narrow. Avoid freeze-thaw sections where mud sticks to your tires.
Right of Way. In general, uphill traffic has the right of way. When riding moto trails in Post Canyon, give motos the right of way. Remember: They can’t hear you (because…motos), but you can hear them.
Ebikes. If you’re riding an ebike, please be respectful when passing on the climbs. On Eldorado in particular, look out for young kids who descend on this trail and don’t expect to encounter fast uphill traffic.
Most importantly, have fun out there!

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